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City Tour Ruta Corbeta Esmeralda

Historic tour of the city of Iquique, which visits the Emerald Corberta Replica, with a 01-hour Tour inside, an exhibition delivered by expert guides from the Emerald Museum. The Tour also includes a visit to the Military Museum that contains traces and remains of the true Emerald Corvette, in its Naval Museum segment.

Vuelo en Parapente PM

Experience of Tandem Flight in Paragliders over the city of Iquique, taking off from the Paragliding Viewpoint over the Cordillera de la Costa and landing at Playa Brava or Playa Cavancha.

Sandboard en duna Cerro Dragón

Sliding experience on Sandboard in the largest and most tourist sand dune in Chile.

Laguna Roja

Excursion to the Mysterious Red Lagoon located in the Altiplano of the Arica and Parinacota Region, crossing the desert and gorges that stand out for the colors of the desert and its rocks, from where we can see crops on terraces and cross Aymara Culture villages, until we reach to the Red, Green and Yellow Lagoons, in the middle of a landscape of mountains and highland fauna.

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